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How to Play Jigsaw Puzzle Online

Jigsaw puzzle games are a great way to improve your memory and mental clarity. Jigsaw puzzles are a logic game in which pieces are rotated and moved in order to complete a picture. The more pieces you can rotate at one time, the more difficult the puzzle becomes. The goal of the game is to return the original picture as quickly as possible. The more pieces you have, the longer it will take you to solve the puzzle.



To play a jigsaw puzzle online, visit a website that offers jigsaw puzzles of all sizes. You can choose a puzzle with as few as 100 pieces or up to 400. These sites often have a multiplayer mode, which lets you compare your time against other players online. The site also features nearly ten thousand different puzzles that you can choose from. Just log in and get started!



Another website that lets you embed a jigsaw puzzle is JigZone. JigZone allows you to upload photos and play a daily puzzle. They also offer a Friday Mystery puzzle. You can also upload your own puzzles, send them to friends, and even create custom puzzles. There are also jigsaws available in categorized categories. JigZone also offers a wide variety of puzzle postcards  mhtspace

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