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Personalised Key Ring With Photo

A personalised key ring with a photo makes a lovely gift for your little one. Choosing a picture with your child’s name is a great way to show how much they are loved, and you can choose as many characters as you like. The personalised key ring comes in a cute organza drawstring bag, and you can choose whether the image is square or round. To order a personalised key ring with photo, simply upload the photo as a square sized 2MB file. The image must be at least a little bit large, but not too big. Only one image can be uploaded per enquiry.

A personalised key ring with photo is also a fun gift idea for a traveller. Whether it is a photo of their favourite vacation spot or an image of their favourite family pet, a photo keyring can add personality to a bag. These personalised key rings can also be a great way to show off a pet’s unique personality. If you want to give a gift that will be remembered and cherished for years, a photo keyring with photo is a great option.

These personalised key chains are an ideal gift for a loved one or a friend. The photos can be anything, from a vacation to a new baby. The keychain can be made from durable plastic, and it has a snap closure for easy opening and closing. There are several types of keychains that you can choose from online. Browse the different styles to find one that best fits the personality of your recipient.

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