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SeedProd – WordPress Maintenance Plugin

Among the many options available for creating maintenance pages for your WordPress site, SeedProd is one of the most popular. With more than a million active users, SeedProd comes with an attractive design that can be changed according to your preference. The maintenance page comes with a simple headline and a solid white background. To customize the look, you can use the design templates that come with SeedProd. Here are some of its features.

WP maintenance mode is an excellent free plugin that helps you create a maintenance page for your WordPress site. This plugin lets you add a maintenance date, countdown timer, and email forums for letting your visitors know what the status of your site is. The plugin also works with WordPress multisite installations. Once installed, the plugin will create a file for your site that reflects its status. Once this file is uploaded to your WordPress site, the maintenance page will appear as a new page in your site’s directory.

The user interface of WordPress maintenance plugin is easy to use and helps you create a maintenance page with just a few clicks. The plugin has more than 20 themes prepared by experienced designers. More themes are released every two weeks. You can edit the content on this page through the default WordPress post editor, or you can connect it to Google Analytics. You can also customize the appearance of the maintenance page by adding social media icons to it. A maintenance page will be much more engaging if it shows a plethora of social media icons, enabling users to connect to them.

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