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The Benefits of Hiring a CPA

For small business owners, a CPA in Brooklyn can save you money on taxes. These professionals specialize in small business accounting, IRS help, Quickbooks, and professional consulting. If you are an independent contractor or employee of a large corporation, you may also benefit from hiring a CPA in Brooklyn. Regardless of your specific needs, a CPA can help you understand how to optimize your business’s financial health.

If you need your CPA to prepare your taxes or manage your financial affairs, you can get help from several firms located in Brooklyn. Bonamassa, Maietta & Cartelli, LLP, a full-service public accounting firm, is located in Brooklyn. This firm specializes in estate planning, accounting, computer services, and financial management. They can also assist with entity selection, cash flow analysis, and financial projections filmefy .

If you want to be a CPA in Brooklyn, you must first finish your degree. It takes about five years to complete a degree program at Brooklyn College. To become a CPA, you need to pass a rigorous state exam and work for at least one year for a certified public accountant. As a CPA, you will be required to meet three requirements: a 3.30 GPA, a year of full-time employment, and internships. You can also get involved in extracurricular activities to gain valuable experience.

If you are looking for a CPA in Brooklyn, consider hiring Svetlana Stepanchuk, Esq., who serves both individuals and small and mid-sized businesses in Brooklyn. Her team specializes in taxation and offers a variety of accounting services, including business planning, bookkeeping, and payroll taxes. In addition, she is a financial systems strategist and can handle short-term forecasting thedocweb .

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