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What is the Best Way to Do a 1000 Piece Puzzle?

Once you’ve started a 1000-piece puzzle, you probably wonder, “what is the best way to do it?” The answer is not quite as easy as you might imagine. There are several methods, each of which is effective for a different type of puzzle. One method is to start with big sections, such as shapes and colours, and work your way to small details. To help you get started, turn the print size up.

Once you’ve sorted the pieces, start building the puzzle. You can start with the border, which will help you define the working area. Next, fill in the different sections. If there’s a clear image to the puzzle, it may be easier to work on each image separately. To begin with, choose pieces with high contrast, such as faces or text, and place them in the border first. Once you’ve completed the foreground, you can start filling in the background.

After arranging the pieces, turn the puzzle upside down. This will make it easier to locate and move pieces. Make sure you have enough light to see where you’ve placed each piece. Make sure that the puzzle’s top side is flat, otherwise, you’ll waste precious time. When you’re finished, take a break and admire your accomplishment. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this relaxing activity as much as you’ve enjoyed it.

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