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It’s easy to get into a film and feel swept away by the storyline. Loaded Movies can be very intense and take you to places you never knew existed. You will find this genre is full of action, adventure, romance, comedy, horror and mystery. So you’ll definitely want to add these films to your home collection.

Tatjana Krstevski’s “The Load”

The Load, a film directed by Ognjen Glavonic, opened in Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie is a fictional account of a single day in the life of a truck driver named Vlada. He’s on his third driving assignment for the Serbian government.

His mission is to deliver a mysterious cargo from Kosovo to Belgrade. But he doesn’t know what’s in the truck, or what’s on it. So he’s forced to choose between being a friend or a foe.

This empathetic film is a requiem for a generation. Glavonic’s script is an essayistic take on narrative, one that blends with the formal architecture of the film. This is a film that requires a commitment from the viewer, and it doesn’t have an easy-to-follow story.

Chasing Ghosts

Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts is a trippy documentary about the life of the late Alabama artist and self-taught polymath. The film is a mashup of archival footage, reenactments, animations, and a bit of CGI to boot. Despite a mediocre run at the box office, it has been a popular YouTube staple.

Chasing Ghosts is a tad slow on the uptake, but it has enough to make it a worthwhile experience for parents and kids alike. The movie has its fair share of laughs, including some sassy teen gangs and their snotty neighbors. And the production values are top notch. But as much as the cast may sway your opinion, it is still a family friendly film.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the film is that it takes you on a ride through history and culture, as well as the present. This is especially true when you get a look at the film’s colorful costumers.

Do Revenge

Do Revenge, Netflix’s new original film, has a lot to say. It’s an update on the teen movie classics of the ’90s. But it’s not all sex and revenge

Do Revenge is about two girls at a prestigious prep school. Drea (Camila Mendes), a scholarship student, has an ambitious goal to get into Yale. She’s also very woke, politically correct, and rich. But she has a crush on a girl from summer camp. She starts planning a revenge against him. The plot quickly spirals into dark comedy.

Do Revenge tries to play off of the “Mean Girls” vibe. Drea’s outfits are reminiscent of the ’90s supermodels. She has a group of friends, a handsome boyfriend, and plenty of ambition. But Drea doesn’t quite measure up to Regina George or Courtney Shayne.

A Jazzman’s Blues

A Jazzman’s Blues is a Netflix original film from writer/director/producer Tyler Perry. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and will stream on September 23. It is a period-based romantic tragedy that deals with the brutality of the Black experience in America. It follows Bayou and Leanne’s relationship, from the couple’s first meeting in a rural town to their adulthood.

The movie takes place in rural Georgia in the late 1930s. It has an R rating. It has an average runtime of two and a half hours. The soundtrack was composed by Aaron Zigman. Several songs were arranged by multi-Grammy award-winning jazz musician Terence Blanchard

A Jazzman’s Blues centers on the forbidden romance between Bayou (Joshua Boone) and Leanne (Solea Pfeiffer). The film is a period-based romantic tragedy that is loaded with outsized emotions.

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